Monastery Jewellery


Silver tarnishes over time. This is a natural process that occurs to the metal and in some cases can add to the character of the piece. However, polishing silver back to its former glory is very easy. 

When polishing your piece, use a small lint-free piece of cloth or a ear bud and clean in back and forth motions, not circular ones as this can scratch the surface. If that doesn't work, dishwashing liquid and warm water in addition to the polish should do the trick. 

Gold plating is not permanent and depending on the amount of wear and tear will rub off over time. Some people like the transience and imperfection of this look but its not for everyone. If you want your piece touched up please contact me and it can be arranged.

Please note:

Contact with household chemicals, perspiration, rubber, chlorinated water, or any substances which contain sulphur (e.g., mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions, latex, wool), will cause corrosion and tarnish β€” so it’s a good idea to remove silver jewellery when doing household chores. Direct sunlight also causes silver to tarnish, so be sure to take off your silver jewellery before you go swimming and sunbathing. Lotions, cosmetics and perfume also enhance the oxidisation process.